Hey there! My name is

Gio Bautista

I work in digital marketing and a strategy consultant from the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada.

Let's Work Together

I strongly believe for a campaign to be successful, it has to make some kind of connection with the itended audience.

Marketing that connects doesn't just happen. It takes strategic, informed, and systematic work. I guide clients through transforming sales-speak to human-speak, resulting in measurable business growth. It's how the best relationships work and it's how your brand should work too.

What I do

Clearly identify the goal, do the research, layout detailed plan, execute, analyze and optimize.

Brand Development

Branding should not be taken lightly. I do extensive research to identify a clear plan in creating strategy in developing a brand.

Creative Production

Humans are highly visual, sometimes words doesn't just cut it. That is why I make creative content materials.

Marketing Campaign

Strategic and creative campaigns are extremely important, as more as getting them in front of the right people at the right time.

Let's work together!

I'd like to meet you and learn from each other.